There is much nostalgia that surrounds the idea of Valentine’s Day in Colombia South America. Even here in America, the cultural heritage of that special day of friendship and love generates much appreciation.
The day of love and friendship is known as “Dia del Amor y la Amistad” in Colombia. It reflects a high point in the historical records of nearly all Spanish speaking citizens around the world.
Latin holidays, for example, uniquely represent great ways to connect with loved ones, family, and special friends. Yet, a similar significance to dia del amor y la amistad is shared by worldwide cultures… from school-age children in the United States and Canada… to husbands and wives living in Austria and Germany.
Nonetheless, in the regions of Mexico and Colombia South America, both “San Valentin” and “Dia del Amor y la Amistad” receive specialized romantic attention.
Sending flowers to Colombia around this particular time is common even for Americans, as eligible gentlemen from United States territories have a significant amount of romantic connections to ladies who still live in Colombia.
On this great day of love and friendship… desire, passion, and sincere appreciation take center stage. Perhaps, out of all the fantastic and unique ways to express true sentiments, Dia del Amor y la Amistad remains the greatest of all.
This particular celebration has a surprisingly wonderful essence. It highlights a fact which many loved ones fail to realize.
That is, the ULTIMATE connection between a man and a woman is their heart-felt “friendship.” Even more than sexual union itself, two people can commemorate and give tribute to the thing which TRULY keeps them together.
Dia del amor y la amistad houses the knowledge that companions can move from mere associates into love and then into a closely knit family by way of committed and sincere friendship.
It is for this reason that the word “friend” cannot be removed from the title of such a special day.
Thus, sending flowers to Colombia on an occasion like this has monumental meaning. It means that, regardless of the passage of time or even the potentially close encounter of other romantic interest, the two of you have sealed the history of your relationship with “ultimate” friendship.
For instance, when you send flowers to Colombia for your ultimate friend on that day, basically everything in her world becomes bright again.
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The finest relationships warrant the greatest flowers. Ties between or amongst friendship, flowers, and love might never become broken.
You see, both of the above facts remain especially true about dating and flowers in Colombia. American men plus other gentlemen of distinction and integrity from around the world share an enormous appreciation for the ladies of Colombia.
Yet, in that regard, one can hardly be considered sincere or true without the sending of fine flowers. Perhaps to the majority of men here in the United States, for example, sending flowers to Colombia means nothing more than the same gesture shown to a girlfriend here in America.
Flowers are a wonderful gift from nature, and just about every lady continues to cherish them. However, to a Colombian wife, or even according to dating customs in Colombia, the presentation of flowers bears distinctive and special meaning.
Although flowers bear a uniquely symbolic value in various locations throughout the world, sending flowers to Colombia clearly tells a lady that almost any distance between the two of you will surely be cut across. It also says mere separation by miles means nothing when the hearts of two lovers are united by the symbolism of flowers.
Still not sure why you should send flowers to Colombia? Ask any lady from South America what a beautiful bouquet can truly represent. Even if her words should fall short of an exact explanation, her feelings will show that such flowers signify the fertile nature of a deeper love between two people who are truly blessed.
Ladies in almost all Latin American countries share this sentiment. In fact, now is a great time to prepare and send flowers to Colombia. For instance, the Cruz de Mayo festival has already passed, but the coming Dia del Amor y la Amistad (day of love and friendship) provides a golden opportunity for you to show her your affection and appreciation.
Dating and flowers in Colombia remain especially inseparable because, for your lady, the symbolism moves far beyond mere gift giving. The meaning of flowers is joined with the essence of life itself.
Colombian wives will even pray to the saints for the continuance of a wonderful relationship with you. Thus, you really should do your part by at least sending flowers to Colombia for the one who basically never forgets about you.
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dia del amor y la amistad 
In Colombia Dia del Amor y la Amistad, or the Day of Love and Friendship, is celebrated on the third Saturday of September. Why not use our service to find a good florist and send flowers to that loved one in Colombia this September 15?
Dia del Amor y la Amistad is very similar to Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 14. The Colombian version of this popular holiday has been celebrated in the country since 1969 and dates back to February 14, AD 269, when Saint Valentine was martyred. In fact, the reason why Colombians choose the third Saturday in September over February 14 as the day to celebrate Dia del Amor y la Amistad is because it was determined that observing the holiday on a day other than the one where Saint Valentine was decapitated was more in keeping with values of love and friendship. While not originally a day celebrating love, numerous poets over the years—including Geoffrey Chaucer in his poem “Parlement of Foules”—have popularized the holiday as a time to celebrate romance.
Colombians fervently celebrate this holiday and flowers are generally considered the most appropriate gift. In many areas of Colombia it is not uncommon to find restaurants, bars, other businesses and even houses adorned with hearts and similar decorations. Furthermore, in addition to celebrating romantic love, this Colombian holiday is also about recognizing the importance of family and friends. Indeed, while Valentine’s Day in the US, Canada and the UK is generally geared toward couples, you’ll often find groups of friends in Colombia out enjoying a drink and a nice meal on Dia del Amor y la Amistad, which should give you even more reasons to use our service to send flowers to the important people in your life!
Even if your loved ones aren’t from Colombia, consider using our flower shops to send them flowers on this very important day. There’s nothing better than surprising friends, family or that special person in your life with the gift of flowers!

When it comes to that perfect day of the year when all focus and interest should be on mom, sending roses for Mother’s Day might just be one of the most important things you could ever do. Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, and it is a special time when you can reflect on all of the different things your mother has done in your life. So, there is no better time than to choose a special gift to send your mother during this wonderful time of the year. One of those gifts will be in the form of flowers. Beautiful illustrious flowers can be sent almost any time of the year but especially on Mother’s Day. Here you will discover more about sending flowers online, and why it is so important to choose a specific type of a flower that you can send that special person in your life.
Sending Flowers Online
Sending flowers online has become extremely popular, and for good reason. With today’s communication devices, you can contact a florist from almost anywhere in the world and have flowers delivered almost the next day. You’ll discover that you will have a vast number of selections in which to choose from which will make life for you a whole lot easier when it comes to choosing the type of flowers you would like to send, and a personal message you would like to have attached. Sending flowers online is a simple process and doesn’t require anything other than a communications device that has online access.
This can be done from the comfort of your desk at work, or if you’re on the go with a smart phone or tablet. You’ll be able to connect directly where ever you are and select the type of flowers you would prefer, and have them sent anywhere you choose. When it comes to Mother’s Day, there should be no limitations; however, you will have the opportunity to choose from a vast number of flower selections. Although this is true, your number one selection should be all about sending roses for Mother’s Day.
Sending Roses for Mother’s Day
Roses seem to have the ability to change a person’s mood and their entire outlook. When your mother receives roses on her special day, this will tell her how much you truly care and appreciate her in your life. If you’re having trouble choosing are making a decision about the type of roses you should send, you’ll be happy to discover that you will have a vast number of selections to choose from. In addition, regardless of where you are located in the world, you will be able to take advantage of international flower delivery and have your roses delivered to your mother on that special day without issue.
Mother’s Day is probably considered to be one of the most important days in any given year. With that being said, it’ll be important to understand how to get that beautiful bouquet of roses to her doorstep when it really counts. By utilizing your ability for sending flowers online, choosing among the many beautiful bouquets, and taking advantage of international flower delivery, you’ll be able to deliver that wonderful gift of love and appreciation by taking the time out of your day and sending roses for Mother’s Day.

Sending flowers to your devoted mother on mother’s day has become a common gift in today’s society and one that is greatly appreciated and cherished. But what are its advantages and disadvantages? Why should you choose this method instead of purchasing them from a florist? Is it cheaper? Will delivery cost more? All these questions should be answered below as I will provide you with valuable information which should leave you satisfied and more knowledgeable about ordering flowers online instead of purchasing them in a shop as a gift for mother’s day!
Sending your loved mother flowers from an online site can make sending the gift so much more simpler for you as you’re eliminating the tedious effort of going out to the florist to pick out and purchase the perfect flowers when you could do it much easier online with the use of buyer reviews and images, plus, in some cases it will cost a much lower price to have your flowers delivered. It also eliminates the hassle of rushing out to get them early on the day or attempting to hide the gift from your mother which increases the risk of the flowers being damaged or seen and destroying the element of surprise that is crucial.
There are many advantages of ordering flowers online for your mother on mother’s day one of which being the simplicity of having them delivered to the recipient for a small cost with the common extra of giving a special message free of charge. Another advantage would be that their prices on their site will not tend to fluctuate as they would receive their supply from a contractor that they would have an agreement signed with. This means that prices will tend not to vary as the year goes on which allows you as a consumer to have the best choice of flowers to choose from all year round. Yet another advantage has to be that you can order these flowers to be delivered to your loved mother from almost any part of the world! Internet access is all that is needed to be able to place a successful order and have your chosen flowers sent! This allows the consumer to easily order their floral gift with almost no effort required at any time and at any place.
Although there appears to be many great advantages to shopping for flowers online you can find flaws, one of which being that it is difficult to actually find a “bargain” as prices are generally stable online which can work against you. If you chose to use a traditional florist in your local area you may be able to find extremely cheap offers for flowers at closing time.
Another disadvantage could be that the service you receive is very impersonal this could also be an issue as feedback can be difficult to obtain. For example, if you were to talk to your local florist it would be much simpler to obtain their opinions on which flowers would best suit you for your purchase and also, developing a personal relationship with your florist is near impossible when you use an online service.
As you can see from the above argument that I have presented with factual information you can see that sending flowers to mum using an online flower shop on mother’s day is a superb idea for a gift and one that will no doubt be cherished by the recipient. It has many advantages but also some flaws too but overall it can be incredibly useful.

It’s always been a good tradition to give flowers to friends or family during special occasions or even roses for Mother’s day, but how much do you know about the history of Mother’s Day, or the meaning of roses for Mother’s Day, and the variety of colors? Roses are widely loved all over the world for their beauty and they also have a wide range of meanings and colors that they can have. Roses are the perfect gift for any occasion, especially if you’re looking to give a gift with personalization that has a deeper meaning. Traditionally, carnations are often referred to as the flower of Mother’s Day but why not give your mother something different this Mother’s Day? Giving roses for Mother’s Day is giving something special.

The History of Mother’s Day and Roses for Mother’s Day

Depending on what country you live in, Mother’s Day has been around for several hundred years. In the 1600’s, England declared a clerical decree to celebrate mother’s by declaring a special Sunday as Mothering Day. Typically, this happened around Lent and people of all classes were given one day off from work and a day free from penance and Lent to celebrate with a big feast that included sweets like cake and even a vast decoration of flowers. So it can easily be said that flowers have been traditionally used as a way to celebrate Mother’s Day for a couple hundred years now! And giving roses for Mother’s Day is fairly common in the United States since Mother’s Day official debut in the early 1900’s, where it has been estimated that 2 million dollars worth are spent on various floral arrangements, and roses for Mother’s Day!

The Meaning’s of Roses for Mother’s Day

There are several different meanings to roses, and a variety of colors. For example, giving your mother red rose’s symbolizes grace, beauty, love and respect and is the perfect complement to give to while a single red rose says, “I love you.” If you decide to give your mother pink roses for Mother’s Day, it symbolizes appreciation and happiness while lighter pink roses for Mother’s Day means you have admiration for her and you admire her grace. I think it’s important to send flowers to your mom this Mother’s Day to show that you care about her. Giving your mother roses might not seem like much at the time, but she will appreciate the gesture and the meaning behind them. There’s also a variety of different colors and meanings to choose from depending on what message you want to convey, or even if your mother prefers a certain color. Some other rose colors include yellow, white orange, peach and several more different shades.
Mother’s day is a special day to celebrate how much our mothers do for us day after day, where thank you is often left unsaid. Just remember that there is nothing better than giving your mother a dozen red roses for Mother’s Day this year.

When was the last time you sent flowers for your Mom? You most probably did on her birthday, on Mother’s Day, or, if you are the thoughtful kid, you would also have done so on Valentine’s Day. Actually, if you think about it, we do not send our moms flowers enough times in our lifetime or in hers.
Sending flowers to a loved one has been a very long tradition in the Western World. Red roses are a great favourite. As soon as they become aware of the important significance of sending flowers to a loved one, children get into the act by bringing flowers for their teachers, a favourite friend, a neighbour or even their mom, often as an afterthought. Never mind if the flowers are plucked from a neighbor’s patch. The practice is encouraged more among little boys than little girls, with the idea that boys give the flowers and girls receive them. While this may be a good concept to foster, the one of girls giving other girls flowers should also be given equal emphasis. After all, what woman will not like receiving a bouquet of flowers even if it is from a BFF girl?
If you think about it, a daughter or a son sending their moms flowers, especially roses for Mother’s Day is the best manifestation of their love for the woman who gave them life and nurtured them every step of the way. In the past, sending flowers to anyone entails a big production of going to a florist shop, looking over the flowers, choosing an arrangement, signing the card, etc. Nowadays, the whole process can be done in a trice through the internet. You can now order flowers online for your mom or anyone especial, for that matter. Sellers usually display their particular arrangements for viewing on their websites. You can easily choose to send your mom an impressive arrangement of roses for Mother’s Day.
The roses can come in your mom’s favorite color – red, yellow, pink, peach or white – you only have to check which of the online florists will carry the roses in your preferred color. If you intend to send roses for Mother’s Day, do place the order a few days before Mother’s Day so that you do not forget or that you get caught up in the rush. In addition, placing your order for roses for Mother’s Day ahead of time assures you that they can send your roses in the preferred color. Just make sure that the color is really your mom’s favourite! Some florists will even accept advance orders for floral deliveries on special days so that you can add your mom’s birthday, her wedding anniversary, etc any special occasion in addition to sending her roses for Mother’s Day.
You may even send her roses on YOUR birthday, to tell her “Thank You” for bringing you into this world. Alternatively, your wife or husband can send your mom roses on Mother’s Day for the same reason. No mother’s heart will be impervious to such demonstrations of affection. Have a happy Mother’s Day!

There are over 30 thousand varieties of roses available; 4000-plus songs have been composed with the word “Rose” in them; and Shakespeare mentions the word “Rose” at least 70 times in various plays and sonnets about love. Rose oil and other parts of the plant are used in aromatic perfumes and health foods and rose colors have very special meanings. Red roses are the classic symbol for love, white roses stand for a pure heart, and pink roses symbolize happiness. If you are choosing roses to give to your mother or the mother of your children, pick any color but yellow, as it designates infidelity (she may not know that, but not a good choice!). Dyed roses are interesting too in blues, greens and purples.
Roses are queen of the garden, and a strong favorite by most mothers everywhere. The special mother you are remembering will love to receive either a floral box of long stem roses, a bouquet of red ones in a glass vase or even a tea rose potted plant in an attractive planter. Tea roses have the special meaning “I will remember you always.”
You can now shop easily online from a large choice of reputable florists. This is so much more convenient and personal than having to look up the phone number or address of the closest floral shop and either call to buy sight unseen, or drive there and wait in line. In the comfort of your own office or home, you can browse the selections while relaxing with a glass of wine or cup of coffee. You can pick out the perfect arrangement of flower, colors and container, pay for it through either debit or credit card, and arrange the date of delivery all on the website and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Your mom is special, and on her special day, she deserves Mother’s Day flowers picked out just for her. You can show her how much you love her when she receives that special Mother’s Day flower delivery. You should tell your mother you love her all year long, but Mother’s Day gifts and Mother’s Day flowers will show her that you really care. When mom gets that Mother’s Day flower delivery at her door, she’ll be thrilled!
Turning to flower shops or online florists can help you select your Mother’s Day flowers or Mother’s Day gifts to express your love for Mom. All year long, florists are ready to help you make your expression of love something that lets your mother know that you care. It’s a physical, tangible expression of your feelings. Flower shops are usually close to where you live, but sending Mother’s Day flowers or Mother’s Day gifts online is another way to go. Online florists make it easy to make your Mother’s Day flower delivery. If you’re sending Mother’s Day flowers or Mother’s Day gifts online and not sure what the best arrangement or gift might be, online florists can help you make the right selection. Whether you use flower shops or online florists, they’ll have a wide range of Mother’s Day flowers, floral arrangements, color combinations, accessories, and Mother’s Day gifts to help you make the perfect selection. You don’t have to be an expert when it comes to sending Mother’s Day flowers online—count on your online florists to help you do it.
Florists are busy year-round. Anniversaries, weddings, and funerals are all occasions that call for sending flowers online, or for using the services of a flower shop. A very busy day for flower shops and online florists is Mother’s Day. It’s on this day that florists hustle to get Mother’s Day flowers along with Mother’s day gifts shipped all over the country. If you live far from your mom, there’s no better way to feel closer to her than to use the services of flower shops or online florists, and to arrange for your Mother’s Day flower delivery of fresh Mother’s day flowers.
At the flower shop or your online florist, you’ll get the personal help you need to make the right selection of Mother’s Day flowers or even Mother’s Day gifts. Making your Mother’s Day flower delivery is fast and easy. Online florists use photos of arrangements and products that make it easy to select. In just a few simple steps, your beautiful Mother’s Day flower arrangement or Mother’s Day gift will be on its way in time for that special occasion. Whether online or in person, florists provide the selections, make suggestions, and make sending flowers online quick and easy.
You might be surprised at what else florists have to offer. There are bonsai and other plants to choose from in addition to flowers. Flower shops and online florists may even offer gift baskets of chocolates, cookies, spa packages, or even wine! Florists can also offer tips and tricks on how to care for flower arrangements to keep them looking and smelling fresh longer.

Shopping for flowers for Mother’s Day has never been easier! Instead of having to wait in line at a floral shop, (that you have to locate first), you can now sit back and order online from your home or office! You can take your time, peruse the pages with prices and delivery options, and then sipping your coffee, sit back and look at all the beautiful floral arrangements available.
What could be more enjoyable or relaxing, especially when it is for your mom or that very special mother in your life? You can select, pay, arrange delivery all from your computer desk and be assured that the recipient will be thrilled and happy.
Flowers have special meanings, so to make your selection a little more informative and assure you do not make an error that a woman may notice, here are some tips: The perfect flower for Mother’s Day is the pink carnation. You cannot go wrong with this selection. A nice arrangement with pink carnations and daisies and violets would also add the element of good luck or good-by if that is appropriate for you situation. That arrangement would be very suitable for Bon Voyage, or mothers, moving away. Lilies of the Valley are great for mystical women who believe in fairies and Asters named for stars, denote elegance and daintiness.
Have you decided yet? Well, there are so many choices and too many meanings, but chances are your mother may not know all the meanings, so you can even describe the positive ones in a handwritten message for extra points!
Roses are always a good choice, but the colors are also symbolic: Red roses stand for love, remembrance or passion. Pink roses stand for happiness and white roses stand for purity. If the Mother’s Day recipient is your wife, then the number of rose stems can also denote the length of your marriage or 12 roses could mean a romantic message as “a rose for each hour of the day.”



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