Giving a woman flowers is a sweet gesture and one that most have had the joy of experiencing in their lives.  If you want to make sure that your crush, girlfriend or spouse remembers your Valentine’s Day floral arrangement forever, it’s important to give the arrangement an extra special touch so that it stands out against all others.


There are countless ways you can make your floral arrangement unique and memorable. One such way is to order an arrangement with many different colored flowers and include a note that explains the meaning of every color and why you chose to send her flowers in those colors. Yellow flowers, for example, are said to symbolize happiness, friendship and even secret admiration.


Another way to make a lasting impression on that special someone is to send a very large floral arrangement with the same kind and color flower throughout and insert one fake flower to match the rest with an accompanying note saying “I will love you until the last petal falls.” When the natural flowers begin to wilt and that single flower stands among them, ever resilient, your love will be happily taken aback and fully understand the meaning of your note.


If you are the poet or writer sort of guy, your floral arrangement can be made memorable if you insert a special message in the middle of every flower. One note could tell her that you sent her a rose for every day (or month/year) that you’ve loved or known her.  If it proves too cumbersome to insert notes in the actual flowers in the floral arrangement, you can always tie one to the stem of each flower. A twist on this note idea is to create custom coupons provided by you exclusively for your significant other that are redeemable at any time and have no expiration date. Such coupons could include: a movie night to see a romantic comedy of her choice, a 30 minute massage, a picnic lunch for two at a nearby park, or a romantic dinner at a restaurant of her choice.


In addition to the ideas listed above, your floral arrangement can be made even more unforgettable if you opt to prop the arrangement up on top of a tall glass vase and fill the vase with her favorite chocolate! The glass vase could actually be filled with almost anything you want and gives the floral arrangement a unique and long-lasting touch.  If you plan on proposing to your significant other this Valentine’s Day you can even hide a ring inside of the glass vase among her favorite candy.


No matter what you decide to do, if you truly want to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for your significant other, be sure to give your floral arrangement a special touch of your own to let her know that you care! You will surely make a lasting impression on her that she will remember every single Valentine’s Day for many years to come.



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