There is much nostalgia that surrounds the idea of Valentine’s Day in Colombia South America. Even here in America, the cultural heritage of that special day of friendship and love generates much appreciation.
The day of love and friendship is known as “Dia del Amor y la Amistad” in Colombia. It reflects a high point in the historical records of nearly all Spanish speaking citizens around the world.
Latin holidays, for example, uniquely represent great ways to connect with loved ones, family, and special friends. Yet, a similar significance to dia del amor y la amistad is shared by worldwide cultures… from school-age children in the United States and Canada… to husbands and wives living in Austria and Germany.
Nonetheless, in the regions of Mexico and Colombia South America, both “San Valentin” and “Dia del Amor y la Amistad” receive specialized romantic attention.
Sending flowers to Colombia around this particular time is common even for Americans, as eligible gentlemen from United States territories have a significant amount of romantic connections to ladies who still live in Colombia.
On this great day of love and friendship… desire, passion, and sincere appreciation take center stage. Perhaps, out of all the fantastic and unique ways to express true sentiments, Dia del Amor y la Amistad remains the greatest of all.
This particular celebration has a surprisingly wonderful essence. It highlights a fact which many loved ones fail to realize.
That is, the ULTIMATE connection between a man and a woman is their heart-felt “friendship.” Even more than sexual union itself, two people can commemorate and give tribute to the thing which TRULY keeps them together.
Dia del amor y la amistad houses the knowledge that companions can move from mere associates into love and then into a closely knit family by way of committed and sincere friendship.
It is for this reason that the word “friend” cannot be removed from the title of such a special day.
Thus, sending flowers to Colombia on an occasion like this has monumental meaning. It means that, regardless of the passage of time or even the potentially close encounter of other romantic interest, the two of you have sealed the history of your relationship with “ultimate” friendship.
For instance, when you send flowers to Colombia for your ultimate friend on that day, basically everything in her world becomes bright again.
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