If you’re a woman who is waiting patiently for the man of your dreams to hand you a dozen roses and “pop the question,” pay attention! If Valentine’s Day comes and goes, and you’re left with no flowers and no engagement ring, this month is your lucky month. Have you heard of “Lady’s Privilege?” It’s an old Irish tradition that says that each leap year on February 29, women have the privilege of proposing marriage to that special someone. Here’s your chance.
To get you started, florists can help you say “will you marry me?” the right way. Your local florist shop or online florists are ready to help you make your expression of love something that will thrill the person you care about most—and hopefully make him respond appropriately to your question. Your local or online florists make it easy to select and order your floral gift. If you’re not sure what the best arrangement might be, florists can help you make the right selection. Your florists have a wide range of flowers, floral arrangements, color combinations, and accessories to help you make the perfect selection. You have an expert when it comes to floral gift-giving—count on your florist to help you.
Nowadays, florists are more than just “sellers of flowers.” Head to your local florist or take a look at the many online florists in the Internet, and you may be surprised at everything that florists have to offer. You might find bonsai and other plants to choose from in addition to flowers. Your florist may even offer gift baskets of chocolates, cookies, spa packages, or even wine! You can rely on your florist for good advice, too. You’ll find that your florist can offer tips and tricks on how to care for flower arrangements to keep them looking and smelling fresh longer. Some florists take their services a step further and provide articles and other information about giving flowers as gifts.
And ladies, here’s a secret…you don’t have to wait until leap year to deal with someone who is stalling. Buck tradition and take matters of romance into your own hands! You can follow tradition and ask your man for his hand on February 29 this year if you like, but really, you don’t have to wait for that ancient tradition to kick in. You can surprise your man with a gift of flowers along with that special proposal any time of the year. Even the manliest man should melt at all that attention. And if he’s stubborn, the flowers might help seal the deal.
A marriage proposal isn’t the only time you can buy your guy flowers, either. Making a personal delivery or sending flowers long distance to someone special “just because,” is a great way to say you care. Turn to your florist any time of the year to help you out.
And if you’re looking for marriage, here’s hoping he says “yes!”

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