Have you been wondering how and when to approach the woman wandering through your thoughts? Maybe it’s someone you met only last week or someone you’ve known for years. No matter the situation, Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away and it is the perfect opportunity to let her know just how you feel!


On this special day, there is no better way to say “I love you.” or “I’ve been thinking of you.” than by sending her a fresh, long-lasting and beautiful floral arrangement. Red roses are the most popular flowers sent on Valentine’s Day but do not feel like they are your only option because there are many different varieties of flowers and colors to choose from. In fact, if you want the girl you met recently at a coffee shop or party (or even work) to feel extraordinary on Valentine’s Day, send her a breathtaking floral arrangement in a color other than red. The girl you’ve “had your eye on” will surely find you unique and attentive if you send her a brightly colored floral arrangement instead of the typical box of chocolates or teddy bear.


Once you’ve picked the floral arrangement that fits her personality and matches your feelings for her, it is time to think of the delivery! The manner in which you give or send her your flowers and the message you include with them is almost as important as the choice of flowers itself. In many cases, delivering your floral arrangement in person is the best way to let her know that you care (it could save you the cost of a delivery) and could lead to a first date straight away! Sometimes, if you cannot deliver the floral arrangement yourself, or if you would like to avoid “coming on too strong,” a friendly floral delivery person can include a sweet card of your choosing with a custom message created especially for her. Effective messages to send your new love with her flowers should let her know that you’ve been thinking about her and that you hope to see her soon. Make sure to give her something to look forward to!


When you receive confirmation that your flowers have been delivered from your florist, wait a few hours to hear from her. If she already had your contact information or if you sent it to her along with the floral arrangement, she will undoubtedly contact you to thank you for the spectacular gift! The moment she gets in touch with you, you must seize the opportunity to set up a date for the near future. Casually suggest a coffee date or invite her to a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. If she has no way to reach you, give her a call to ensure that she received your flowers. When you finally do speak to her, remember that it is the precise moment in which you have the potential of establishing the foundation for a relationship that will bloom into sweet love!



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