When was the last time you sent flowers for your Mom? You most probably did on her birthday, on Mother’s Day, or, if you are the thoughtful kid, you would also have done so on Valentine’s Day. Actually, if you think about it, we do not send our moms flowers enough times in our lifetime or in hers.
Sending flowers to a loved one has been a very long tradition in the Western World. Red roses are a great favourite. As soon as they become aware of the important significance of sending flowers to a loved one, children get into the act by bringing flowers for their teachers, a favourite friend, a neighbour or even their mom, often as an afterthought. Never mind if the flowers are plucked from a neighbor’s patch. The practice is encouraged more among little boys than little girls, with the idea that boys give the flowers and girls receive them. While this may be a good concept to foster, the one of girls giving other girls flowers should also be given equal emphasis. After all, what woman will not like receiving a bouquet of flowers even if it is from a BFF girl?
If you think about it, a daughter or a son sending their moms flowers, especially roses for Mother’s Day is the best manifestation of their love for the woman who gave them life and nurtured them every step of the way. In the past, sending flowers to anyone entails a big production of going to a florist shop, looking over the flowers, choosing an arrangement, signing the card, etc. Nowadays, the whole process can be done in a trice through the internet. You can now order flowers online for your mom or anyone especial, for that matter. Sellers usually display their particular arrangements for viewing on their websites. You can easily choose to send your mom an impressive arrangement of roses for Mother’s Day.
The roses can come in your mom’s favorite color – red, yellow, pink, peach or white – you only have to check which of the online florists will carry the roses in your preferred color. If you intend to send roses for Mother’s Day, do place the order a few days before Mother’s Day so that you do not forget or that you get caught up in the rush. In addition, placing your order for roses for Mother’s Day ahead of time assures you that they can send your roses in the preferred color. Just make sure that the color is really your mom’s favourite! Some florists will even accept advance orders for floral deliveries on special days so that you can add your mom’s birthday, her wedding anniversary, etc any special occasion in addition to sending her roses for Mother’s Day.
You may even send her roses on YOUR birthday, to tell her “Thank You” for bringing you into this world. Alternatively, your wife or husband can send your mom roses on Mother’s Day for the same reason. No mother’s heart will be impervious to such demonstrations of affection. Have a happy Mother’s Day!

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