It’s always been a good tradition to give flowers to friends or family during special occasions or even roses for Mother’s day, but how much do you know about the history of Mother’s Day, or the meaning of roses for Mother’s Day, and the variety of colors? Roses are widely loved all over the world for their beauty and they also have a wide range of meanings and colors that they can have. Roses are the perfect gift for any occasion, especially if you’re looking to give a gift with personalization that has a deeper meaning. Traditionally, carnations are often referred to as the flower of Mother’s Day but why not give your mother something different this Mother’s Day? Giving roses for Mother’s Day is giving something special.

The History of Mother’s Day and Roses for Mother’s Day

Depending on what country you live in, Mother’s Day has been around for several hundred years. In the 1600’s, England declared a clerical decree to celebrate mother’s by declaring a special Sunday as Mothering Day. Typically, this happened around Lent and people of all classes were given one day off from work and a day free from penance and Lent to celebrate with a big feast that included sweets like cake and even a vast decoration of flowers. So it can easily be said that flowers have been traditionally used as a way to celebrate Mother’s Day for a couple hundred years now! And giving roses for Mother’s Day is fairly common in the United States since Mother’s Day official debut in the early 1900’s, where it has been estimated that 2 million dollars worth are spent on various floral arrangements, and roses for Mother’s Day!

The Meaning’s of Roses for Mother’s Day

There are several different meanings to roses, and a variety of colors. For example, giving your mother red rose’s symbolizes grace, beauty, love and respect and is the perfect complement to give to while a single red rose says, “I love you.” If you decide to give your mother pink roses for Mother’s Day, it symbolizes appreciation and happiness while lighter pink roses for Mother’s Day means you have admiration for her and you admire her grace. I think it’s important to send flowers to your mom this Mother’s Day to show that you care about her. Giving your mother roses might not seem like much at the time, but she will appreciate the gesture and the meaning behind them. There’s also a variety of different colors and meanings to choose from depending on what message you want to convey, or even if your mother prefers a certain color. Some other rose colors include yellow, white orange, peach and several more different shades.
Mother’s day is a special day to celebrate how much our mothers do for us day after day, where thank you is often left unsaid. Just remember that there is nothing better than giving your mother a dozen red roses for Mother’s Day this year.

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